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Levozy Team

Mr. Kanuti Mukhabi


Kanuti is the Founder and chairman of Levozy Self Help Group since its inception in 2011. He has over 12 years experience in Motor Vehicle industry. He received his credential in Mechanical Engineering Technician 1 (Plant option) from Technical Institute of Auto-Mobile Engineering. Being a tireless motivator and communicator, he forms the heart and soul of Levozy.

Mrs. Emily Naliaka


Emilly has over 8 years of experience in social development work. She is passionate about working for an organization that promotes community driven solutions and initiatives in order to implement transformative development programs. Emilly loves counseling and guiding vulnerable youths recruited for the training.

Mr. Cyprian Nyukuri


Mr. Cyprian has been on the board since inception in 2010 serving as a board secretary. He has a Diploma in ICT and adequate experience gained from working in various community organizations as a team leader over 4 years before joining Levozy Self Help Group

Mr. Dennis O. Odongi

Project Coordinator

Dennis has been on the board since its inception in 2010 and served the group in various capacity, currently he is the Project Coordinator. He has a Diploma in Insurance and Business Management. Dennis has adequate experience gained from working with various insurance companies. He also facilitates insurance policy cover (Risk Cover) when our students are going out for attachments.

Ms Sarah Lusige

Member Representative

She is a member representing parents and community. Her son Peter was a student at Levozy Vocational Training centre in 2015 and successfully completed the training. He was absorbed by private sector companies. Sarah is happy to be on board since 2014 as she encourages students to work hard for their better future

Maureen Wesonga


Maureen has been on the board of Levozy since 2015. She has served the organization in various capacities. Currently she is the treasurer of the organization. She is a trained finance controller and overlooks the correctness of our finances with a strict eye.

Mr. Francis Okwero

Student Representative

Mr. Okwero was a student at Levozy Vocational Training Centre in the year 2013 undertaking Motor Vehicle Mechanics. He was also a student team leader which promoted him to the board. He successfully completed his training in 2014, he was absorbed by a private sector company where he is working as a Motor Vehicle Mechanic. Francis is a very useful board member. He spends his free time volunteering at the centre training other students

Mr. Patrick Gachara


Mr. Robert is a wonderful teacher and has been with Levozy longer than any other staff member. He is in charge of Motor Vehicle Technology department. Robert has worked at Levozy Vocational Training Centre since its inception in 2010. He likes teaching theory and practical.

Mr. David Mayunga


Mr. Mayunga has over 7 years of experience working in Dagoretti community as a social worker. Currently he serves as a social worker at levozy Self Help Group. Mr. Mayunga is playing a vital role in recruiting and rehabilitating of needy youth in the program. He also offers counseling and guidance to needy young people recruited for the training.

Wilfroda Chesang Mastamet


Wilfroda is a trained and qualified fashion designer teacher. She received her credential from Kenya Technical Teachers College (KTTC). She is in charge of sewing department and she loves interacting with needy young mothers.

Esther Maikoro

Knitting teacher

Esther loves her work as a knitter at Levozy Self Help Group. She loves working with vulnerable young mothers. Esther has worked at Levozy since June 2014.

Mr. Linus Omunyini

Head of Sports/Coach

He has worked with Levozy Self Help Group since 2019. He is the head of sports and doing an amazing job, he commits his time administering sporting activities and counseling the youths.