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Our Courses

Motor Vehicle Mechanics & Motor Vehicle Electrical

Course duration: 1 Year

Our learning is based on practical and class theory in well equipped classes and workshops. The learner will be able to develop skills and attitude which will lead to income generating activities both in the rural and urban settings. The course is covered in one year

Tailoring & Dressmaking

Course duration: 1 Year

The aim of the course in Clothing and Textiles at the levozy vocational training centre is to train students to acquire knowledge and skills in clothing production and management, thus equipping students with employable skills to improve their quality of life and that of the society

Metal welding & Fabrication

Course duration: 1 Year

The Metalwork is a one year course for both street children and school drop outs; it offers a great opportunity for young people who would like to have a hands-on career that can secure them a job in the labour market or as self employed

Carpentry & Joinery

Course duration: 1 Year

This course targets individuals who want to be professionals in woodwork industry, those who want to be self-employed or those with passion and want to get better their carpentry and joinery skills.

Knitting & Embroidery

Course duration: 1 Year

Our students are acquainted with modern job-oriented practical skills, in a well equipped Knitting & Embroidery skills for 12 months, after which they are allowed to go for internship. They are also privileged to be taught by highly experienced instructors.


Football gives vulnerable children role models, hope, healthy lifestyles and promising opportunities which paves the way to a better future.